Alliances forged on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can change in an instant. Such as the case for Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville.

brandi glanvilleLast week on the show, Lisa was annoyed with Brandi for being so openly flirtatious with Ken, her husband. She also thought she needed to show less skin and wear bras. (Glanville doesn’t seem to have worn a bra on the show once.) But this week (picking up from the same day we left them in Hawaii last week) Vanderpump had a change of heart.

While on a boat the group had chartered, Brandi’s bikini tie came undone and she almost showed everything, and Lisa just laughed. In fact, she later surveyed Glanville’s behind and commented that it would in fact be, “a waste of time wearing clothes” with a body like that. Vanderpump also noted there wasn’t even one dimple on Glanville’s behind.

We chalk this up to Glanville being able to make Vanderpump laugh. Lisa said what made her come around to Brandi was that they shared the same “naughty sense of humor.”