A new season of The Bachelor premieres Monday January 3 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The star? Returning bachelor Brad Womack. In 2007, Womack was The Bachelor, and did not propose to either of the final two contestants vying for his love.

brad womack new bachelor

Womack talked to ABC News in September 2010 about how he became such a big jerk when he dumped both Jenni Croft and Deanna Pappas.

While ABC Execs were not thrilled with the decision to make no decision at first, they soon learned it could help their show. “We’ve never seen a guy choose no one,” said Mike Fleiss, The Bachelor’screator and executive producer. “And, so,  unpredictability is a good element in all these reality shows.” No wonder they’ve put Womack back on the show. After countless seasons, they want to use whatever starpower they have. Whether you love or hate him, you’re probably talking about Womack.

“My God, I got just crucified for being selfish,” Womack has said about his turn on the show. However, the spurned Deanna Pappas became the next Bachelorette and while she accepted a proposal, broke it off two months later. She says she understands the pressure Womack was under, and wish she’d made the same choice he had made not to pick anyone.

The biggest question for the new season of The Bachelor will be: Will Brad Womack finally get engaged? Will he do it by succumbing to pressure?

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