It’s no contest for me, Brad Goreski wins over Rachel Zoe any day. They’re both stylists and at one point they were even so close you could call them bosom buddies instead of just friends. But now…not so much. And yes, in this scenario it does seem right and proper to pick a side. I know mine, but do you know yours?

Both stylists have reality TV shows on Bravo. (Smart movie, Bravo.) It’s a Brad, Brad World just had its season finale. And it’s only a matter of time before The Rachel Zoe Project returns.

The situation is that Brad Goreski was a styling assistant, and he was hired by Rachel Zoe. She loved him for his work ethic just as much as his personality. But after several years of working for her, he was ready to move up past an intern/assistant position. And rather than encourage him to follow his dream, Rachel was annoyed that he was going to leave her. She made up a story about how Brad told her he was just going to quit and be at home with his dogs (they’re cute dogs, sure) and then he maliciously turned around and got into the styling business for himself as his own boss.

How dare he! Except… isn’t that what most people do with their jobs? They don’t want to be stuck in a low-rung position forever. And when there’s no place to move up, they carve their own path. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Rachel Zoe had been someone’s assistant, she would have quit along the line to become her own boss. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t’ be where she is now. But instead of wanting that success for her friends, she was jealous and felt betrayed and abandoned. Rather than feel bad for her, I heard her obvious lies and saw how jealous she was and felt sick. She was actively trying to ruin the name of her competition at this point. It’s basically slander and Brad should have sued. Rachel should have gone to therapy and realized she was acting out because she was jealous and lonely that one of her gay bffs had left her entourage. That actually would have humanized her. Instead, we got a diva queen who badmouths Brad wherever she goes.

Meanwhile, Brad explained his side of the story but didn’t take nearly as much time on his show to do it as Rachel spent with the subject on hers. Brad’s side of the story actually makes sense, he said that he told her he was leaving to pursue his own career. And then that’s what he did. He didn’t steal from her, or set the place on fire. He’s reached out, but she wants nothing to do with him.

It doesn’t take a long time to watch both of their shows and see that Rachel is a cold diva brat and Brad is a sweet, vulnerable guy. They’re both great with style. Much as I dislike Zoe, I think she has good style. But it’s the rest of her that I can’t stand.

Brad has a few characteristics I don’t like. On his show he seems almost desperately to be selling the brands that work for him, sucking up on camera. That’s annoying and you can see through it. He also treats his new assistant Lindsay like he always expects her to fail, projecting his own insecurities. But he’s not perfect, and those aren’t deal breakers. It’s nothing compared to how Rachel Zoe treats other people. She’s just plain not likeable. And then we get to their little entourages.

brad goreskiRachel Zoe had already fired one assistant (a long-term one) before Brad left. Then she hired a girl named Ashley, but seemingly fired her because she wasn’t good on camera. Then she hired another gay guy who wasn’t qualified at all, but looked and acted just like Brad. She worked him to the bone and made him likely develop an anxiety disorder in the process before bestowing on her some mild appreciation and approval. Her husband is Rodger, who is so confusing as the possibly closeted gay man who is incredibly needy, whiny and stern. Picture Jay Leno, denim and all.

Meanwhile Brad’s entourage includes some really smart, stylish friends. There’s also his mother and sister who are sweet, humble Canadians. There’s Lindsay the assistant who can seem a little insecure but is mostly fine. And there’s Brad’s boyfriend, Gary Janetti. While Gary is a “I don’t eat chicken off the bone” snob, he’s also a talented script writer who seems like Will from the show he worked on (Will & Grace.) I don’t have to tell you how great Will was! When you’re that funny and witty, it’s a pleasure to have you on a reality TV show.

Brad always takes the high road and seems both real and likeable. Rachel Zoe lives in the murky low roads as she distances herself from seeming like a human at all costs.

And I just think more people need to say it. Brad Goreski is overall a better package than Rachel Zoe. Their style is similar and impeccable, and they’re both excited about fashion. So what tips the scale? One of them is genuinely friendly and the other one will only pretend to kiss your ass if you’re on the A-list.

Who do you like more and why?

P.S. It’s in Rachel’s best interest to hop off that high horse and apologize to Brad. Look for the publicity stunt coming to a TV show near you!

Pictures: Bravo