Heroes: An Insider's Guide to the Award-Winning Show by  Titan Books

Heroes: An Insider's Guide to the Award-Winning Show by Titan Books

I was generously sent a copy of Heroes : An Insider’s Guide to the Award-Winning Show to review by Titan Books. The book is an official tie-in with the show, and does it true justice with 176 huge (8.5 x 11) glossy pages of Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennet, Hiro Nakamura, Sylar, Nathan Petrelli, Elle Bishop…

This companion features the best of Heroes: The Official Magazine, collecting exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, revealing behind the scenes secrets and providing sneak previews in one bumper feast of heroics!

The designers for this book made it dynamic both in the colors (splashes of white paint on black, neon orange, magenta streaks drawn over the page) and layout of the book (glorious picture after glorious picture!). Every single page (even the table of contents) are loaded with tons of visual information. Really, the amount of pictures in this book are INSANE! Part of me is seriously tempted to pull out some of these pages and frame them, because they’re such excellent pics and in such a good size. I don’t want to ruin the book, though. Quandary!


Interviews included in the book: Jeph Loeb, Masi Oka, George Takei, James Kyson Lee, Zachary Quinto, Hayden Panettiere, Santiago Cabera, Tim Sale, Ali Larter, Leonard Roberts, Noah Gray-Cabey, Milo Ventimiglia, Adrian Pasdar, Greg Grunberg (Grunny!), Kristen Bell, Jack Coleman and series creator Tim Kring. (I bolded my favorites because  – well, I’m playing favorites!)

All of these great  interviews are bound together for you to keep on your shelf.  You’ll get to find out who said:

“My first reaction when I saw the script was ‘No, I can’t do this.’ I was stricken with fear…”

“I think if I could have a superhero power, I would actually want the power of persuasion.”

“You don’t get to play villains if you’re blonde, unless you’re Sharon Stone.”

Other chapters of the book include:

  • Psycho Analysis: A profile of Sylar
  • Eight Wonders: A look at Isaac Medez’ “Series of Eight” paintings from season two
  • Back to the Future: A look at Season One, Chapter Twenty: ‘Five Years Gone’
  • Bad Company: A look at the morally dubious “Company”

Check out Titan Books online. You can  buy Heroes: An Insiders Guide To the Award Winning Show directly from the site.

You can also purchase Heroes: An Insiders Guide at Barnes and Noble.

Oh, had I mentioned a HEROES CONTEST? I did. Titan books is being so great to the readers of SmallScreenScoop.com and letting us give away three copies of this book to you lucky, lucky readers. The only catch? You have to stay tuned! Now that you know how great the book is, I know you’ll want to win a copy. I’ve waved my personal copy in front of my friends faces, doing a little taunting dance that they really appreciate. Wait, they don’t? Psh!

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