I’m so thrilled to have some Bones stuff to share with you guys because the season 6 premiere of Bones was SO (so, so, so) GOOD. It was actually so good that it might the only show, thus far, that I’ll re-watch already. Anyway, for those who want to own season 5 of Bones, you can do so on October 5th when Fox Home Entertainment releases it! But is that ALL I’m here to tell you about? NU UH. I have way more Bones news. And it involves this picture:

Win Bones season 5 on DVD PLUS a trip to Las Vegas to see Buckcherry Perform

As Bones fans know, one of the episodes in season 5 featured the band Buckcherry.  So we have a music video you can watch that uses video from Bones season 5 and footage from Buckcherry’s new song “Dead” (appropriate title much?!) Once you’ve watched the video (don’t try to eat while watching, you know how Bones gets) you can easily enter to win a trip to Las Vegas to see Buckcherry perfume and a copy of Bones season 5 on DVD. I know Vegas is not as classy as the Jersey Shore guys, but c’mon. ;p (Yes, that is sarcasm! No, I am not good at it!)

The Video (I think the Buckcherry song is perfect for the show and for this upbeat, slightly dark video that showcases Bones season 5):

Here are details from the press release:

Buckcherry front man JOSH TODD appears in the Bones episode entitled “The Rocker In The Rinse Cycle.” To continue the relationship between the rocker and the fans, beginning on September 23rd, Buckcherry.com will host a contest with Fox Home Entertainment where viewers of a special Bones S.5 video clip at www.Buckcherry.com will win a roundtrip experience to see the band perform at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Visit www.Buckcherry.com to see the video set to Buckcherry’s latest single “Dead” and enter!

In their more than decade-long career, multi-platinum artists Buckcherry have established themselves as a definitive hard rock band with a massive presence at radio. Hits such as “Lit Up”, “Crazy Bitch” and “Sorry” have propelled the band’s sales to more than 3 million albums worldwide and have garnered Buckcherry two Grammy Nominations. Their most recent release ALL NIGHT LONG, entered the Billboard charts at #10 and was the #1 Rock Album in the week of its debut. 2008’s BLACK BUTTERFLY was deemed the “Album Of The Year” by Entertainment Weekly and “Best Rock Album” by iTunes.

The Bones season 5 dvd release date in usa: October 5. For the Blu-ray as well.