Despite being a procedural show similar to so many others, Body of Proof has earned loyal fans by bringing you one thing no other show has: actress Dana Delany. My personal belief is that as long as someone is doing something well, you don’t care if you’ve seen it done before. This is why people will never stop attending the circus. And to have a show that stars a female lead, in a world usually dominated by male leads? It’s not just entertainment, it’s important entertainment. So I say AMEN, Dana Delany. Do your thing.

Body of Proof season 1 is coming to DVD this fall. The show stars Dana Delany as a neurosurgeon gone medical examiner. For this, the arrogant, blunt Dr. Hunt has to suck up her pride. And even without some of the skills she so deftly wielded before her career-ending car crash, she still has her brilliance.

Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) was second to none — a brilliant neurosurgeon in a class all her own — but when her lifesaving gift is destroyed in a career-ending car accident, she reinvents herself as a medical examiner. Armed with keen instincts and vast medical knowledge, Dr. Hunt uses the victim’s bodies to tell the story of their lives and untimely death. The first season of this hit new series allows fans to relive the twists and turns of each case as Hunt seeks justice for every victim while also embarking on a journey of personal redemption. Jeri Ryan and Geoffrey Arend costar.

Body of Proof Season 1 DVD Release Details

13 Episodes

ABC and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

2-disc set

$29.99 SRP in the USA and CA$35.99 SRP in Canada

Bonus Features:

Examining The Proof – Cast, crew and creators discuss the fascinating elements that go into making death look real with the help of research and a team of medical advisers

If Looks Could Kill – From Dr. Megan Hunt’s high heels to Curtis and Ethan’s scrubs and wardrobe, go behind-the-scenes with costume designer Roberta Haze as she dresses the actors and creates looks that kill!

Body of Goofs – The blooper reel

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