Last night on The Voice 2013, Blake Shelton pretended to be Usher, and considered a change in hair style.

team blake 2013

Are you Team Blake?

Oh Blake. I heart you.
“I definitely see that in you more than Shakira can see that in you.” (About Caroline Glaser)

Let’s hear it!
“I can bust it out.”

You really were!
“Oh my God, she’s crying just hearing Shakira talk to her. We are so screwed.” (About Mary Miranda)

He can pull it off, sure!

“I’m thinking about going with that hairstyle.” (About Usher’s hair.)

The inevitable mention of hips…
Shakira: “When Blake starts moving his hips it doesn’t sound as good.
Blake: “My hips don’t lie.”

He is mistaken about his identity!

“I’m Usher and I approve this message.”

Biggest laugh of the night:

“Are you gonna wanna listen to the crap for an entire season? (About Adam Levine, to Sasha Allen.)