Blake Lively doesn’t have a stylist, nor does she need one. In fact, she’s applying for the job of being Jay Leno’s stylist, too. And I hope she’s not the only one who’s noted that his denim-on-denim look is tres passe.

With magnetic paper dolls (I know, I want to make some too), Lively showed Jay how he could change some things up to augment his denim look. The way she added a scarf and some Converse shoes made Jay seem like he could pass for a hipster. Never thought you’d see that, did you? But this good style runs in Lively’s veins – this super star doesn’t even have a stylist! The exclamation point is important, as it’s generally unheard of for megastars to go without help like that. But Lively seems empowered by the fact that she is picking out her clothes. When she has a flop – and least it’s her flop. And, as she also pointed out, fashion is an extension of your personality and explains how you’re feeling about yourself. Why let someone steal your voice? The reason Blake shouldn’t be your stylist is that everyone should be their own stylist. Follow her example!

I personally loved what she was wearing on the show. I thought the stacked, chunky bracelets might have been too much, but it worked for her. What do you think?

Now, Blake Lively wasn’t just offering style tips, she was promoting her new movie, Green Lantern, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

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Video of her appearance below: