blake lively snlBlake Lively is an actress I always think I shouldn’t like on principle. Petty, I know. But she’s a famous actress with the most amazing shoes and a fantastic hit TV show.¬† Plus she has that cute little dog, Penny! I mean, dare I even mention how she’s the most perfect honey-BLONDE? It’s be easy to hate a Barbie-gal… if they’re truly a Barbie girl. (And that doesnt’ even seem to work, because how many people worship Paris Hilton?)

I can’t hate Lively because¬† I like her personality! Ugh, I know! I read an interview with Lively in Cosmo (not known for hard-hitting journalism, true) and I had this ‘gaaah’ moment where I realized I kind of adored Lively. Which means I’m uber psyched she’s going to be hosting SNL this weekend.

Tune in to see her host SNL on December 5th, with musical guest Rihanna. I don’t often like the SNL promos, but I saw Blake’s tonight and thought it was cute. So, there’s hope! I haven’t tuned into SNL since the January Jones debacle, but I will be watching this episode for certain. Leighton Meester, you better watch out – you’ve been losing so many points with us lately! (Picture from