Your favorite blonde on Gossip Girl may be hoping for an early exit. That is, if your favorite is she of the longest limbs and winning smile: Blake Lively. What will happen to Serena van der Woodsen? Yee gads!

An insider first reported to TV NZ that, “Blake has asked producers to kill off her character. She’s tired of working on the show. It was great at the beginning, but she’s started to get bored of her storylines and all the petty fights on set.”

Thought Lively gets to work on set with Penn Badgley (aka Penn Bagel as I call him), her real life boyfriend, it’s understandable that actresses with a chance for movie careers would want out of contracts that keep them on the small screen.

The report said, “Serena’s been the show’s most dramatic character and Blake thinks she deserves a fitting exit. Execs aren’t convinced they’ll let her go but ideas have been thrown around. Suicide is one, though it’s likely to be an accident.”

It looks like this piece of gossip has very little truth to it, however understandable the story. Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz went to Twitter to say, “Have to respond. No truth to rumors that BL requested to have Serena killed. All is well. GG s4 back on 9/13.”

Do you think was a completely fabricated story, or a rumor that took root from an insider’s perspective of something Lively has said in passing? Which of the Gossip Girl cast members do you think will want to leave first?