The CW graciously sent over a special Gossip Girl DVD to Small Screen Scoop, an EPK with behind the scenes videos and interviews shot exclusively in Paris. I don’t religiously follow Gossip Girl, but after watching the BTS, and knowing it’s all Parisian – there’s no way I’m missing the season premiere of Gossip Girl season 4. If it gets me hooked for a season-long binge, so be it.

Don’t you love that picture? It’s exactly how it should be in Paris. Beautiful clothes, happy attitudes, and companions. Oh, and crazy-fun hats.

In the interviews, both Blake Lively and Leighton Meester talked about how wonderful the fashion is in Paris. Which, okay, duh, we know that much. But they really did try to describe how in New York people dress casual/cool but in Paris it’s more like a daily fashion show where people are trying to be glamorous on a higher level. Based on Sex and the City, I would have though that was NYC, too.

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I associate myself closer with Blair than Serena, and I did so especially in the few Gossip Girl books I read years ago. I mean, I’ve always loved Audrey Hepburn, myself! I’m an organized brunette, much like Blair. But when it comes to the actresses… Blake Lively has really grown on me.

The change happened when I caught Lively in the under-appreciated movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (I watched it twice in a row, it’s THAT good.) In the interview, Lively was personable, sweet and has major BFF potential.

I’m a little less in love with Leighton Meester. I hope fans don’t want to shoot me, but Meester herself projects a bit of an attitude. Sometimes she almost seems entitled. This is just an observation based on only a couple interviews, however. (The fact that I think her music video/single is a joke, is also something that  informs my opinion….) But Meester appreciates the Parisian fans, and also loves the fashion. Apparently with filming a movie she spent about all summer in Paris. She said how she was always saying that Gossip Girl should go to Paris. Or at least Blair. Indeed.

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Blake Lively talked about a special bridge in Paris called the Pont des Arts, where lovers put locks on it. She said it will be the opening shot of the premiere, so look for that. There’s an image of this bridge with the love padlocks on the Telegraph site. (Apparently people have been stealing the locks. That sounds vaguely like the plot for the voice of Gossip GirlKristen Bell‘s – movie When in Rome.)

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Leighton Meester talked about a gorgeous Harry Winston necklace she wore that had different colored diamonds. Apparently the necklace was so precious there were two body guards from Harry Winston just to watch her while it was on her neck. It must be some necklace. Meester also had great praise for a Oscar de la Renta dress with a train (I think it’s the red dress) and the Musee d’Orsay.

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