We can’t pretend Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) isn’t pregnant when she begins delving into her maternity wear. While she has absolutely every resource at her fingers to have a stylish pregnancy, she … seems to be having a bit of a fashion crisis.

Here is Blair with Prince Louis at her Bridal Shower in Gossip Girl “All the Pretty Sources.” It’s doubtful any other pregnant women are going to be searching for similar outfits. Why? Because it doesn’t flatter Blair at all. In fact, it looks like a Project Runway reject of someone trying to take a little girls’s dress and turn it into something an older woman can wear. But despite how much glitter you shove on this dress, you can’t make it festive. And the large bow is just sad.

How would you fix this dress?

  1. Would you give the dress a sweetheart neckline and ditch the bow?
  2. Would you keep the bow and ditch the glitter?

gossip girl season 5 fashion

And here’s The Valley of the Dolls… no, ACK – yea, it’s Blair in “Rhodes to Perdition” in a red mumu. You can call it a tunic. But it looks like a mumu. In this case, the color is half the problem. That red is a bad red. Bad red! And heels? Are those heeled booties? I know Rachel Zoe did it, but pregnant women who want to be considered fashionable do not have to wear heels.

How would you fix this outfit?

  1. Make the black textured tights into black leggings?
  2. Give her an empire waist so there’s some definition to this top/dress/tunic?
  3. Put her in a chicken costume, because anything is better than this sad look?

React: Which of these two looks do you like more and what grade (A-F) would you give it?