Finally, there’s a reason to be glad you never figured out how to download torrents. Many users who download movies and TV free from BitTorrent are currently being sued. But you can exhale for a moment, right now the focus is on people with ISP’s who downloaded and watched The Hurt Locker on the site. And you didn’t…right?

Do it legally, my babies!

TG Daily has reported that 5,000 users have been accused of this copyright violation. Of course, if you’re one of the people being sued you don’t know yet, they only have the ISP numbers right now. “Once (it’s)  identified these people, they’ll be sent letters inviting them to cough up $1,500 to settle – and warning them that it’ll be ten times as much if they don’t pay up and the case goes all the way to court.”

The case for this particular movie hinges greatly on the fact that the movie was a great success in general, but didn’t make much money at the box office. A correlation between the fact that the movie was leaked on BitTorrent before it was released in theaters, and that fact seem to be the greatest argument being presented.

If you want to stay legal, there are some ways to watch TV online for free. One of the easiest ways to watch TV online is to see it streamed on, but that is of course only an option for people living in the USA.

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