billie piper

Billie Piper will sit down with the real “Belle de Jour” in an on-camera interview on January 25th @ 10 PM ET/PT. As you guys know from reading our earlier coverage, Secret Diary of a Call Girl season three begins Monday, February 1st @ 10 PM ET/PT. I cannot WAIT for it! The show is as addictive as Skittles.  Forget potato chips, it’s when it comes to Skittles that I can’t just eat ONE!

Two months ago, Brooke Magnanti stepped out of the shadows to reveal herself as the real “Belle.” Magnanti, who is now a neuroscientist, joined Piper in a London hotel room to lift the cover off the world’s oldest profession. In the half-hour conversation she imparts secrets of the trade, offers anecdotes about some of her most amusing encounters, reflects on her regrets (she has a few) and giggles as she shares what she considers her greatest assets. The special half-hour episode which airs on SHOWTIME Monday, January 25th at 10 PM is an intimate, candid, funny peek inside the diary of a real call girl.

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