bill maher hbo

They also say that laughing is good for your well-being. So, in effort for better health (and without having to cut out your weekly bacon cheeseburger to do so) check out the new Bill Maher special “But I’m Not Wrong”. It airs LIVE (EST) Saturday, February 13 @ 10 pm, only on HBO. An hour of laughing has got to be like 20 minutes on a treadmill, at least. This is Maher’s ninth stand-up special on HBO.

This time he’ll talk about whether or not the great recession is over (I say it’s not over until I can afford diamond eyelashes), the mindset of a terrorist, fake patriotism of the right wing, why Obama needs a posse instead of the secret service (that just makes sense to me), Michael Jackson (I’m laughing already), racism, healthcare and the Teabagger movement.

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