big love season 4

Big Love – The Greater Good – Reviewed

The show you thought couldn’t get better and more intense? Just did.

No, you’re not nuts. I mean – you could be since I don’t know you… Anyway, the point is that the Big Love episode “The Greater Good” has not yet aired. But working as a TV reporter means I did get to watch the episode in advance. So calm down, you haven’t fallen behind. In fact, you’re doing some good prep work here!

In the second episode of this season, we see that Bill is pulled in several directions. Large, big honkin’ directions. On one hand, his brother (Joey and Wanda return!) and Nikki both think that Bill should become the next prophet of Juniper Creek. On another hand Bill has come to the personal decision that his life isn’t crazy enough and he needs to run for the Utah State Senate. Yes, take a moment to process THAT.

His reasoning is because he’d be running against a man named Roy Colburn (the always amazing Tom Amandes from Everwood) who wants to really push down against all polygamists. Bill feels a calling to protect his family and friends and other polygamists. You’ll find that his wives aren’t all very pleased about his idea – which even to a viewer feels like a hare-brained scheme more than a calling or plan. I mean, I have a ‘calling’ to become best friends with Rachel Bilson but I am not going to go off and try to make that happen. Some things are just too crazy. (Although Bilson is really missing out here,  I am a fabulous friend and can make a mean quiche.)

Sarah (Amanda Seyfried)  is in this episode a lot more than the last one – which made me happy. She tries to make amends with Heather (Tina Majorino) and also wants to move her wedding plans up. Seyfried fans should definitely pay attention to this episode.

Remember how I mentioned that Joey and Wanda are back? Wanda has a run-in with her brother, J.J. – and he’s also around to make Nikki even more hostile than usual. Meanwhile, Margie finds something about J.J. horrifying – and you’ll never guess what it is.

There are also some goodies with Bill and Barb trying to re-enter the general Mormon church, Alby being the fish-eyed creepster he is, Nikki thinking about Ray Henry, and someone comically appeals to not have an attempt at their life happen again.

“The Greater Good” premieres on HBO @ 9 pm ET/PT on January 17th. This eppy was written by Paul Redford and directed by David Knoller.