angela erin the office

How do you like the way Erin dresses to impress Angela on THE OFFICE? Is it more “Pilgrim” or  “Polygamist”? I can’t decide.  Ryan hates it and writes on his blog, “The photo is cut off at the calf because these drones have no feet of their own to walk on. And just like their outfits, they can only see things in black and white. Their eyes are dead and cold, their hair is pulled back tighter than their stringent schedules, their granny stockings are as gruesome as their attitudes, and their ruffled shirts manage to ironically halt any hint of flirtatious femininity that we all hope to catch a glimmer of at the workplace.  Usually I’m turned on by any situation involving two women, but this unsightly tragedy makes me want to lock myself up in my darkroom, alone and woebegone.”

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