In the January issue of Playboy, Chloe Sevigny discusses what happened after she talked about her dissatisfaction with season 4 of Big Love. She also discussed what we can expect not to see in Big Love season 5.

“I got into a lot of trouble. It was a huge thing on the Internet. Yeah, I got a little talking-to … I just felt it was a weaker season than others. I shouldn’t have said it.”

Just what did she say to get her in trouble? She told the AV Club “It was very telenovela. I feel like it kind of got away from itself. The whole political campaign seemed to me very far-fetched … Me and the girls [co-stars Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin] definitely were not very happy with where it was going.” The cherry on top? She described Big Love season 4 as “awful.”

However, so many fans were disheartened with Big Love season 4, that having one of the Big Love stars confessing they felt the same way was actually a hopeful sign that the people working on the show were aware there were problems with the season.

Sevigny also tells Playboy that fans should not look for topless scenes with her in the final season of Big Love. While she’s gone topless for roles before, she’s no longer interested in that. “Although I have done nudity on the show, the other girls won’t do topless. I don’t want to be the show’s Samantha, like on Sex and the City* — the only woman who’ll do nudity. So I refused to do any more and there was a lot of back-and-forth about it.”

*Miranda and Charlotte (Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis) did go  topless at least once each on the show.

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