Want some Big Love season 5 spoilers? From Margene’s blog (last updated on December 14, 2010) you can actually infer quite a bit of information that may play into the final season of the show.

big love margene

Firstly,  we can learn that no one has been put in jail! The wives still have their meetings, and thy even go out together as wives to get their hair done together. This year, Margene has been put in charge of the family Christmas card, which will show their entire big family. It seems like Margene is doing okay with accepting being “out.”

We also learn from her blog that Margene has been knitting, which is a small fact but I hope they show that in the series.

The November 11st entry tells us all we might learn of Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) in season 5 – she gets harassed by news reporters even though she’s moved away. It’s too bad Amanda Seyfriend wasn’t able to stay on for the final season, but she’s got a lot of movies on her plate.

There’s also a particularly interesting dream entry to decode. What I get from this dream is that Margene is wondering what people from her past and hometown would/will think of her now. She’s very concerned about that, and very aware that people might dislike her now based on the fact that she’s a polygamist (even if they have their own sins, such as the alcohol-consumption she notes happened in her dream.) She senses doom towards her marriage (the train), and feels less ownership over Bill than ever before to the point where she can picture her Mom marrying him.

All in all, there’s many reasons to be hopeful that this season of Big Love will be fantastic. The Big Love season 5 premiere date is January 16, 2011. Don’t miss it!

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