The Big Love season 5 premiere has only one flaw. Much like in Big Love season 4, you’ll likely end up wanting to slap Bill Henrickson. That’s how I felt as the premiere episode ended and I tried to figure out how I felt about what I’d just watched.

margene and barbDon’t panic if you’re wondering why you’re reading this before the episode airs on January 16th, this is an advance review. (Thank you to HBO!) It’s sad that this is the final season because we’ll be losing a phenomenal, captivating show. But let’s not be sad. Because we’ve got one season left. Let’s get into it.

Many people were wondering if Big Love would have the same title sequence in its’ final season as the fourth. It does. And it’s still beautiful.

We open with a song. We open with the family we’ve come to known over the past four seasons. We open … in a place that we’ve never been before (literally and figuratively.) And guess what, only one week has lapsed since season 4.

It’s established early on that neither Sarah or Teeny will be around in thisfinal season, although Amanda Seyfried will reprise her role of Sarah for the Big Love series finale, thankfully.

I spent a lot of season 4 thinking about the horrible impact that the very public outing would have on the sister wives. I forgot that it’d be even harder on the kids. This begins to be explored right off the bat.

Big Love is unique in that it tackles really heavy issues, and it tackles a lot of them. This episode, alone, touched on issues of identity, manipulation, faith, principles, trust, discrimination and loyalty.  EXHALES.  The premiere is tense, and very meaty. There are now entirely new obstacles for each character on the show.  I especially identified with Margene’s struggle, because she can break your heart so quickly. Also, more than ever, I find myself unsure (but intrigued) about Barb, and annoyed at Nikki.

Don’t miss an episode. This is the final chapter.

Big Love Season 5 quotes:

“Have a chew.” – Bill

“Stupid Ketchup head.” – Nikki

The song at the beginning and the end of “Winter” is “North to Alaska: by Johnny Horton.

North to Alaska!
Go north, the rush is on
North to Alaska!
Go north, the rush is on

George turned to Sam with his gold in his hand
Said “Sam you’re a-lookin’ at a lonely lonely man
I’d trade all the gold that’s buried in this land
For one small band of gold to place on sweet little Jenny’s hand”
‘Cause a man needs a woman to love him all the time
Remember, Sam, a true love is so hard to find
I’d build for my Jenny a honeymoon home
Below that old white mountain
Just a little southeast of Nome

Where the river is windin’ big nuggets they’re findin’
North to Alaska go north the rush is on
North to Alaska go north the rush is on

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