It’s time to review Big Love “A Seat at the Table” which was the second episode of season 5. What did we tackle last night?

big love season five

Big Love Season 5 Episode 2 A Seat at the Table Synopsis: Bill attempts to stage a meeting for polygamist leaders; Barb tries to find common ground with her mother; Nicki learns the extent of Adaleen’s isolation; Margene worries about the situation with Ana and Goran; Cara Lynn impresses her math teacher.

Bill’s being forceful, what’s new? Sigh. While Bill would never consider himself a liar, sometimes he’s vague and that’s lying by omission. It’s frustrating. But at least in this episode we were reminded that Bill does feel a spiritual calling and he’s a good leader. But just as I was starting to re-appreciate his vision, I still found him prideful and bossy.

There was a lot of talk about Betty Ford. If anyone else was clueless, like me, that’s okay. Luckily they did explain it in the episode. But at first I thought Barb’s Mom had gone to the Betty Ford Clinic. This led me to Google Betty Ford.

The episode was very angsty with Barb vs. Mom, Margene vs. Bill, Nicki vs. Barb, Nicki vs. her past, Albie vs. Bill….

Big Love Season 5 Spoilers:

Christmas is coming!

Look forward to a beautifully shot ice skating scene.

Albie will be going to new lows when it comes to defenseless animals.

Barb: the Feminist!

Big Love Season 5 Quotes in “A Seat at the Table”:

“You’re a liar because you lie!”
“Yes, it is us the lying polygamists. Go tell your friends.”

“We can only win respect to the respect we’re respectable.”

The song at the end of “A Seat at the Table” is “You’ll Never Know.”

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