Now that good ol’ Rancey Pants (Zach Rance) is being sequestered in jury, is…well, is Big Brother 16 kind of unimaginably boring now?!

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Zach Rance in his famous gator shirt. Photo: CBS

For as irritating as Rance was during his stay in the Big Brother house, he was also the most dramatically fun character. (Oddly, no, I won’t give that to Frankie Grande.) But he was kicked out a few weeks ago! What do you guys think? When I’m on Twitter, I see a lot of people live-tweeting FEEEEEELINGS, and many of those feelings include the distraught opinion that they’d like to see Zach back. In fact, more than anyone else, Zach is the most missed person. (If Twitter fan consensus is to be believed. And, sure, I believe it. I also agree.) Just to make this collective opinion more official, answer the poll:

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