"Big Brother" house guest Russell

"Big Brother" house guest Russell

Well, things have finally come to a head for Team Jeff in the “Big Brother” house. Russell, Michele, Jeff and Jordan have all convened in the Head of Household room to hash things out. What it boils down to is that Russell knows something is up, Jeff and Jordan are denying having talked game with Natalie, Jeff is mad at Russell for voting for Jessie to stay once the Coup d’Etat was used and now they don’t really trust him.

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On the one hand, Jeff has a point because if one more vote had gone Jessie’s way they would’ve been screwed. On the other hand, they are relinquishing all strength in numbers they have by aligning with Natalie. I hope that Team Jeff can work  things out and stick together.

Jeff and Jordan then kick Russell and Michele out of the HOH room. They talk to each other about how they don’t trust Russell or Michele now, they trust Natalie and Kevin. NOOOOOOO. No, no, no, you dummies!

UPDATE: everyone is involved now and it has devolved into a total yelling match. Man, if Russell and Michele know what’s good for them they will kiss and make-up because they have no other options. J & J aren’t with them anymore and Lydia/Natalie/Kevin aren’t either.

UPDATE: Lydia, Natalie and Kevin went off and did a little happy dance because their plant o split up Team Jeff is working. OH MY GOD, TEAM JEFF IS SO STUPID! I may have to start rooting for Natalie and Kevin. They’ve been total bad-asses this week in terms of game play.

UPDATE: Team Jeff seems to have come to their senses. Jeff finally screamed out, “ENOUGH! This is FINAL FOUR!” And they are now trying to decide who they want out, Natalie or Lydia. THANK THE LORD IN HEAVEN.

UPDATE: They decide they are evicting Lydia and once Russell goes inside, Jeff reassures Michele that it’s him, Jordan and Michele to the end.

UPDATE: Once Michele is gone, J & J say that their alliance with Russell and Michele is off because NATALIE DOESN’T LIE. OH MY GOD, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE????

That’s it… Russell and Michele for Final Two! Jeff and Jordan are too stupid to win.