"Big Brother" house guest Russell

"Big Brother" house guest Russell

I cannot root for these imbeciles anymore. I thought we were past this last night on the live “Big Brother” show when Jordan chose not to use the Power of Veto and they evicted Lydia. But no. They are being stupid again.

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Russell and Michele are loyal to Jeff and Jordan, at least until Final Four (which I reiterate is all you can really ask of a pair you’re going to Final Four with). Jeff can’t play for the next Head of Household, so if he gets rid of one of them this week it leaves Natalie, Kevin, Jordan and whomever is left to play. If that person is still loyal, that’s 2-2. If that person is pissed because his or her buddy got ousted, that’s 3-1. Those aren’t great odds.

Jeff has confimed on the live feeds today that he is going to nominate Kevin and Natalie with the plan to backdoor Russell or Michele. Not only is that a terrible idea (see above), but he’s going about the wrong way! The whole concept of backdooring is that the person getting ousted doesn’t get to play in the Power of Veto competition. Except this week there are six people left, which means everybody plays. So now there are two people NOT on the block who can play for POV and surely will not use it.

What he SHOULD have done is nominate one of them and keep the other one off. That way he’s guaranteed one of them goes home because either someone wins and doesn’t use it and he still has his original nominee on the block or that person wins and takes himself off but Jeff then still has the back-up person to put in his place.

Seriously, Jeff and Jordan are kinda doofy sometimes. What are they thinking?!?! They can’t keep Natalie and Kevin around, they CANNOT beat them in Final Two with jury votes. The only chance they have is against Michele and Russell. In fact, I don’t think Jeff can beat Jordan so I wonder what he’ll do if it comes down to it.