I cannot believe this, you guys. Between last night and today, the “Big Brother” house guests have all gone cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Michele and Jordan are being ridiculous. It’s like Jeff put Drano in their cornflakes or something. Spoilers after the jump.

Jordan wants to go up in Michele or Jeff’s place and be evicted. She thinks Jeff deserves the money more than she does. OH MY GOD, Jordan! It’s Jeff’s own stupid fault he’s on the block, don’t go sacrificing yourself! Her house was foreclosed on and she’s been sharing a room with her mom and can probably use the money A LOT more than Jeff can and yet she wants to sacrifice herself for her man. That’s nice. I guess. Ugh.

And now MICHELE is talking about using the Power of Veto on Jeff instead of herself. Well, I guess then Marcellas will have company as the STUPIDEST PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING.

Don’t do it, Michele. For the love of God, don’t do it! This is madness!

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