Chima is the "Big Brother" Head of Household

Chima is the "Big Brother" Head of Household

A tipster has informed me that if you have tickets to attend tomorrow night’s “Big Brother” live eviction show, the time has been changed. Looks like they are filming it earlier in the day. Why might that be? Might it be because Chima has threatened that if the Coup d’Etat is used she will have a gigantic childish tantrum on the spot and CBS is afraid of what she’ll say/do? Yes, that is the reason.

Of course she will. Of course. Does she actually understand that Head of Household means you make the nominations and then it’s out of your hands? You’re not the Queen of “Big Brother,” Chima. People don’t have to do what you say. Just nominating people does not mean you get your way. Guh, that makes me angry. Grow up, Chima.

UPDATE: the official audience member time has been changed from 2:00 pm BBT to 11:30 am BBT. That’s a pretty substantial difference.

Also, if you’re interested… Chima’s “Big Brother” HOH blog has been posted.

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