"Big Brother" HOH Russell

"Big Brother" HOH Russell

This season on “Big Brother” the Head of Household gets to blog about his (or her, if we ever get a female HOH) experience. Tonight Russell’s HOH blog has been posted here at CBS.com.

Highlights include Russell talking about his fight with Chima: “Finally there is the ‘Little Devil’, Chima. I have never met a more egotistical and vein individual like Chima and it is no surprise to me that she is 34 years old and still single.” (cont. after jump)

“As for the personal attacks on Chima, she went down that road first, I just decided to finish her off. Everything I did say was true though, from her kissing me a couple nights before the HOH competition and her sexual innuendos. I respectfully declined”

Russell also takes some shots at Michele the “Rat Queen,” as he calls her.  Apparently in the house everyone is now convinced that Michele wants to save Ronnie, a lie perpetrated by Jessie and Natalie. Man, I hate them. And I’m really disappointed that Russell would fall for that nonsense.

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