Jordan is the out-going "Big Brother" HOH

Jordan is the out-going "Big Brother" HOH

Not too much news out of the “Big Brother” house today, since everything is happening live tonight on the CBS broadcast. However, the players have been picked for the Power of Veto competition and Russell is not one of them. It looks like Jeff and Jordan may get their chance to backdoor him. I sincerely hope Michele wins it and doesn’t use it.

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In other news, Jordan has posted her HOH blog at the CBS website. She gives a great rundown of each player left in the game. Talk about someone who writes EXACTLY how she talks. I can just hear Jordan’s voice in my head reading the blog out loud to me. Here’s an excerpt:

In all this has been a great summer and expierence I never would have thought in a million years that I would be spending my summer in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE!!!! I hope i haven’t disappointed anyone or embarrassed myself on t.v. I have been myself 100% of the time and I hope everyone out there sees that and can see what type of person I am. I have told a couple of lies to people but you have to in this game because YOU CANT TRUST NO ONE!!!…well I take that back i can honestly say there’s only one person and thats Jeff. We have a great friendship and I think he can say the same for me because in the beginning with the whole techno tronics thing and no one talked to jeff I was the only person that did. I didnt care what anyone else thought when I was the only person talking to him because I knew deep down that he was a good person and that he would be a good allie.