Ronnie is the "Big Brother" rat

Ronnie is the "Big Brother" rat

Tonight on Big Brother 11,” we get to watch Russell run the gamut of harmless pestering to full-out ‘roid rage bullying of Ronnie. Also, Laura is the second houseguest evicted, by a vote of 8-1.

While it was awesome to watch Ronnie get called out by the entire household, I started to feel bad for him because Russell is a hot-tempered jerk who would NOT leave him alone. Everybody else let it go after Ronnie was shown to be the rat, but not Russell. Russell had to just keep grinding Ronnie’s face into the dirt because he is a bully.

Interestingly, they don’t show how the confrontation of Ronnie by the entire household devolved into a pretty disgusting game of Bash on Ronnie. Everyone got pretty ugly about, but of course Big Brother has edited out anything interesting this season. No racial slurs, no homophobic slurs, no bashing of Ronnie.

Ronnie does start crying in the diary room at one point and it’s actually pretty hilarious. I do feel bad for him because of Russell’s constant berating, but there is no need to sob like a little bitch with a skinned knee and shit.

The live voting sees Natalie cast the one lone vote to keep Laura. Everybody else evicts her. That’s a shame, Laura surprised me at how smart she was in the game and I wanted to see her play longer. Check back here tomorrow for my interview with evicted houseguest Laura.

The HOH competition this week consists of a seesaw-like ramp that launches balls into Grand-Prize-Game-buckets arranged like a honeycomb. Each houseguest only gets one shot, geez. Michele gets 4 points, Jessie gets 6, Kevin scores 5, Natalie gets 2, Lydia gets a 1 and we take a break.

When we’re back, Russell gets a 5, Chima lands a 3, Jordan misses completely, Jeff gets a 6 and Casey bounces out of a 7 and gets a 1. Dammit! I don’t want Russell to be exempt from nomination.  In the face-off, Jessie gets a 6 and Jeff gets a 2. Damn.

I cannot believe that not only do we have to endure another season of muscle-brain Jessie, but now he’s won HOH twice. Guh.