Ronnie is the "Big Brother" HOH

Ronnie is the "Big Brother" HOH

Things can change on a dime in the “Big Brother” house and this season is no exception. Ronnie the Rat did not have a good night last night. Spoilers after the jump.

Laura had finally had enough of the lying and confronted Ronnie in front of the entire household out in the backyard. It devolved into them all realizing what a snake Ronnie has been (most of them suspected already) and Ronnie spent the rest of the night sulking and crying in the HOH room. HAHA!

The only real downer is that after he left, it turned into quite the mob mentality in the backyard, with some pretty mean things being said about Ronnie. Casey specifically was pretty harsh, calling Ronnie a “fat dick” and “fat snake boy.” Lovely.

However, it sounds (at least right now, we all know how things change in BB land) like Ronnie’s eviction is looming large for next week. His only hope is if Chima or Michele win HOH, though the other houseguests are urging them to throw the competition.

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