Should Jeff win the "Big Brother" Coup d'Etat?

Should Jeff win the "Big Brother" Coup d'Etat?

On the feeds right now, “Big Brother” is calling each houseguest into the diary room one-by-one. This is most likely the moment we’ve all been waiting for: who won the Coup d’Etat.

According to the Small Screen Scoop poll, out of the 450 votes cast a whopping 80% want Jeff to win. Let’s hope that’s the way the real voting on went too. The next highest vote-getter was Jordan with 7%. Ronnie was third with 3%. If he wins the Coup d’Etat, I will scream.

I don’t know if the feeds will reveal to us who won. Probably depends on if the winner is allowed to talk about it or not because if they are, I can’t imagine that the winner wouldn’t at least tell SOMEONE. If they aren’t allowed to talk about it, we are probaby out of luck until tomorrow night’s live show.

I’ll keep you guys posted if I hear any more! If you want to watch the drama and tears for yourself, subscribe today to the “Big Brother” live feeds.

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