Jessie is competing in "Big Brother 11"

Jessie is competing in "Big Brother 11"

The feeds are back, which means the “Big Brother” Power of Veto competition is over. Competing are HOH Russell, nominees Lydia and Ronnie, and Jessie, Michele and Kevin. I’m rooting for Lydia or Kevin to win it and take Lydia off the block. Results after the jump.

Earlier Jessie asked Russell to “throw the POV” to him because he assumes he can beat the other 4 competitors. Just when I think I like Jessie… Russell better do no such thing.

Michele won POV. Wow, isn’t that interesting. I feel fairly confident she won’t save Ronnie after all the double-talking he’s been doing to her. She might consider saving Lydia, but I honestly don’t know. It’s like Michele is finally interesting in this game!

Also, after the competition was over Russell got all ‘roid rage on Ronnie, yelling at him to pack his bags, he’s outta here, he’s leaving, etc etc. That just seems unnecessary. Russell is kind of a jackass.

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