Ronnie is the "Big Brother" HOH

Ronnie is the "Big Brother" HOH

The second “Big Brother” Power of Veto ceremony is over, results after the jump.

The POV has been used for the second week in a row, which might be a record. Jeff took himself off the block and Ronnie put Jordan up in his place, just like I suspected.

There had been talk about backdooring Russell and I think it’s a big mistake that Ronnie didn’t stick with that plan, but Jessie got to him and Ronnie is a wuss who is scared of the jocks. It really is like high school. He writes their term papers and they don’t beat him up after school.

I love how Ronnie thinks he’s on par with such legendary BB players like Dr. Will when he is, in fact, playing a ridiculous game and I constantly want to punch him in the face.

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