"Big Brother" house guest Russell

"Big Brother" house guest Russell

Jeff has used the Power of Veto today in the “Big Brother” house to take Kevin off the block and put Russell up in his place. To put it mildly… Russell is NOT happy about it. There are fireworks everywhere, with Jeff and Russell getting into a huge fight and Russell jumping down Jordan’s throat when she tries to defend Jeff.

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Personally, I think Russell is doing this all wrong. He needed to keep his cool and work on getting two votes to stay. This is just going to make it easier to oust him because nobody wants a ‘roid rage maniac stomping around in the house.

I still think Jeff made a huge mistake because Natalie and Kevin will backstab him next week and who better to have in Final Two with you than Russell? No one will give him the money, it’d be a landslide. Ah well.

Go Michele!