There are rumors circulating about the “Big Brother” Pandora’s Box twist and if they are to be believed, Natalie could be packing her bags on Thursday.

Apparently, Kevin succumbed to temptation by opening Pandora’s Box and that’s why he got locked in. It was up the other house guests to let him out and since Jeff found the key and let him out, Jeff now has a Veto power. Michele took herself off, so it’s JOrdan and Jeff on the block. If Jeff takes himself off, Kevin HAS to put up Natalie in his place. Then it is up to Michele’s vote. If I were her, I’d vote out Natalie. She has WAY too many friends on the jury (two plus possibly Kevin). At least against Jordan in Final Two, you could always say she’s just ridden Jeff’s coattails to the end.

Also, I hope that Jeff finding the key was sheer dumb luck because he has gotten a REALLY favorable edit by CBS this year. I’m not saying he’s not a good guy, I’m just saying that there are other good people in the house and CBS is trying extra hard to make us like him. If they engineered this so that he could stay, well… that’s crappy.

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