There’s been some mystery in the “Big Brother” house surrounding the upcoming Power of Veto competition. Apparently Natalie can’t play for POV. Details after the jump.

Natalie was faced with a Pandora’s Box decision yesterday and she took whatever the prize was, but the punishment is that she can’t play for Power of Veto. I would imagine the prize was money, but she may have just cost herself Final Two because now it’s two against one in the POV competition instead of two against two. If Kevin goes home, I can’t see either Michele or Jordan keeping Natalie for Final Two.

Natalie’s lie to the house is that she saw her boyfriend in Pandora’s Box and he proposed. Nobody is buying it because A) that’s a stupid lie and B) Natalie’s a terrible liar.

I’ll keep you guys posted on the POV competition results as soon as it happens today.

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