The live feeds went down for awhile today in the “Big Brother” house, but it had nothing to do with nominations. Apparently the house guests were treated to some kind of scavenger hunt. There was money all over the floor in the HOH bedroom and Kevin saw a giant box in through the secret door.

Kevin also said production told him that once he walks through the door, it’s over. So I’m assuming there are answers they are supposed to get and they only get one guess? The house guests have been running around looking for clues and it sounds like they had to find keys to unlock “Pandora’s Box.”

Pandora’s Box? That doesn’t sound good to me. Hmmm.

UPDATE: Kevin is LOCKED inside Pandora’s Box and the others have to get him out and money was raining down in the backyard. I wonder if they have the choice between helping Kevin and scooping up money? That would be funny.

Follow all the actions for yourself on the Big Brother live feeds