Michele is the HOH on "Big Brother 11"

Michele is the HOH on "Big Brother 11"

New Head of Household Michele has made her nominations in the “Big Brother” house and boy, are the lines drawn now. Michele has really been a wild card up until this week, but her allegiances are clear after tonight.

Michele has nominated Chima and Natalie for eviction! Yay! That’s so great, that’s exactly who I was hoping she would nominate. In fact, my boyfriend has been asking me if I’m just willing this game to go the way I want it to go.

Interestingly, just one week ago today Michele made a deal with new Head of Household Chima. The only nominees available to Chima (according to her) were Lydia, Michele and Russell, so Michele struck a deal saying that if she was kept off the block, she wouldn’t nominate Chima or Natalie. Whoops! Guess thing’s change. Chima must be losing her goddamn mind.

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