Michele strikes a deal in the "Big Brother" house

Michele strikes a deal in the "Big Brother" house

As I reported earlier today, “Big Brother” HOH Chima has said that Natalie, Jessie, Jeff, Jordan and Kevin are all safe, which leaves her with Lydia, Michele and Russell as nomination choices. Well, Michele has been a busy little beaver and has struck a deal with Chima and Natalie.

Michele and Chima were discussing nomination options and Chima seems determined to put up Russell. Michele says as long as she is not on the block, she’ll vote any way Chima wants her to vote. Natalie joins in on the conversation and they talk about how they’d like a girl to win. (I happen to agree.) They then talk about how Lydia seems firmly “in bed” with Russell. I’m not entirely sure if that is meant literally, figuratively or both.

Finally, Michele promises that if she wins HOH next week she won’t put up Chima or Natalie and Chima says that her nominations are decided. I guess that means Lydia and Russell are on the block. I’ll keep you posted after the nomination ceremony takes place to see if Chima sticks with the plan.

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