Lydia dyes her hair pink in the "Big Brother" house

Lydia dyes her hair pink in the "Big Brother" house

I submitted my questions for Lydia this morning and have gotten responses, albeit short ones. Not a verbose lady, our Lydia. Now that the evicted “Big Brother” house guests are in the Jury House, I don’t get to speak with them one-on-one, so I just have to take what I can get via an email interview.

Lydia touches on why she was mad at Kevin for NOT using the POV on her and then why she was just as mad at Jeff for taking her off the block with the Coup d’Etat. She also insists that she and Jessie are platonic, that it was an “elementary school crush” that maybe graduated to middle school crush. Whatever that means.

She also thinks Jeff and Kevin are playing the best games so far and Russell is playing the worst.

Full text of the interview at Zap2It

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