The final “Big Brother” Head of Household competition starts momentarily on the live show, but it continues on the live feeds. Tune in here for updates to find out which of the Final Three wins the first round of the HOH and skips to the third round.

I’m bummed out that Michele is gone. Don’t forget to leave questions for her in this post for her interview tomorrow.

The competition looks to be all three contestants on a giant rolling log while holding on to their key. You know, this one might not take too long. If they speed up the log at all, those guys are going to drop like flies.

UPDATE: Feeds still down. This is so annoying, we pay for these you twerps!

UPDATE: At 9:27 central time the feeds are finally back on. All three house guests are still standing.

UPDATE: The house guests are getting wind and leaves blown at them

UPDATE: Natalie has been talking smack about Michele, calling her a bitch and saying now she can have alone time with Jeff. Wow. Way to imply she’s going to be unfaithful, you skanky ho. Jordan says Natalie is an instigator. Way to go, Jordan! Don’t listen to her!

UPDATE: Big Brother stopped the log and reversed it, so they are walking backwards now.

UPDATE: Contestants now getting snow and ice!

UPDATE: It has really become like a hurricane in the backyard now. Surely someone will drop soon!

UPDATE: It can’t be that bad for the house guests because Natalie has time to pass out Mentos to everyone.

UPDATE: Now Kevin is eating a granola bar. Man, this competition sucks!

UPDATE: It’s been three hours and the house guests show no signs of dropping. Of course… when a competition is so easy you can stop for a snack…