Jeff won the "Big Brother" Coup d'Etat

Jeff won the "Big Brother" Coup d'Etat

The “Big Brother” house guests were put in HOH lockdown really early today and then the live feeds went down just before the studio audience arrived (11:30 BBT) and won’t be back until after the East Coast airing at 8 pm/7 pm central. If you’d like to have a real-time discussion of the show, tune in here at 8 pm/7 pm central for a live blog. Let’s hope we can all rejoice in Jeff’s ousting of Jessie!

Catch all the drama for yourself on the Big Brother live feeds

Well, if the rumors are true (spoilers in the link), this is going to be an awesome episode of “Big Brother.” Maybe the best ever. I’m so pumped.

I love Julie’s intro. “Jeff has it, Jessie fears it and Russell and Lydia desperately need. The power of Coup d’Etat has been unleashed on the ‘Big Brother’ house.” Hahaha, awesome. Also, doesn’t she look the dish in that polka dot dress?

After the Veto Meeting from Monday, Lydia and Kevin make up. She is bummed that he didn’t use it but she doesn’t actually seem that mad about it. Chima gloats about Russell leaving the house. Jessie is totally sweating the “Wizard Power.” (I love it that they call it that, btw.) Everybody suspects that it’s Jeff that has the Wizard Power and he’s actually managing to play it decently cool.

Natalie and Jessie decide they need to suck up to Jeff and Jordan because they fear the Coup d”Etat. The sound editors have a field day with this total gomer music that plays over Natalie and Jessie’s very obvious attempt to cuddle up to Ken & Barbie. In the diary room, Jordan vows that she will find out what they are up to… eventually. Snerk.

Russell tries to work on Jessie for his vote and Jessie is a big ol’ crybaby about not being picked for POV. Jessie says Russell won’t “buffalo” him anymore because he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Um, I’m from Iowa and I can categorically say that “buffloing” someone is not, like, a local colloquialism.

Russell then sets his sights on Michele for a vote. I personally think it would be great if Russell, Michele, Jordan and Jeff would ban together and take everybody else out (except Kevin, I like Kevin). Jessie sticks his nose in about Russell calling Michele “psycho” a few days ago and it erupts into another Alpha Male fight. They should measure their biceps and get it over with. Michele leaves, disgusted.

Chima says that if Jeff uses the Wizard Power, he’s going to see “wild animal style.” She says we’ll see a side of her we’ve never seen before. Well, how could that possibly be worse than what we’ve seen? Chima is a lunatic. I’m not saying she’s any worse than several other house guests, but she is a crazy person and kind-of racist, calling Russell a terrorist all the time. So what is the side of her we should fear? Will she bite the head off a live kitten or something?

After checking in with the house guests for nothing of import, we see an interview with Chima’s grandma to see what she thinks. Nobody cares what she thinks, though her grandma kind of reminds me of the old lady from “The Stand.”

We check in with Chima in the HOH room for the final few minutes of her Reign of Terror. Julie asks her about how she and Russell went from being friends to enemies. Chima has a blahblahblah answer, but I think we all know the real reason is that she made a pass at him and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


YES, HE WILL. Hot damn, I am so excited. Did you see Jessie’s face? He just shit himself. So great. Jordan’s mouth agape is pretty great too.


Jeff then replaces Lydia with Natalie and replaces Russell with Jessie. SO AWESOME. Y’all, I am freaking the eff out. This is so great. This is better than the “Survivor” episode when Rocky, Eduardo and the other guy got duped by Earl and Yau Man.

Natalie’s “don’t evict me speech” is fine, but I can’t stop staring at her outfit. She is Monochromatic Natalie tonight. What’s with all the brown? Jessie’s speech congratulates Jeff on the move he made, which is SO CLASSY. Way to be a good sport and not all sour grapes. That’s very cool and makes me think 100x better of Jessie.

The voting goes Lydia evicts Natalie, Jordan evicts Jessie, Kevin evicts Jessie, Michele evicts Jessie and Russell evicts Natalie. Wow, that surprises me a lot, but I think it’ll win him a jury vote from Jessie. So Jessie gets sent away by a 3-2 vote.

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask Jessie in my interview with him tomorrow, please leave them in the comments.

Chima starts muttering about Jeff saying “I kept my word” and something about the mystery power and how she needs to have a chat with the producers. She’s such a nutcase.

Jessie’s interview with Julie is totally inane. Let’s get to the HOH competition. In the competition, they are answering questions about former competitions. It comes down to Kevin and Michele and Michele wins Head of Household. I guess the spoilers were spot-on. Wow.

I’m tickled for Michele, but I am fearful she’s going to nominate Jeff and Russell since there’s been talk of a Girl Power alliance. I would really prefer that she nominate Natalie and Chima.

Thanks for tuning in to the “Big Brother” live blog!

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