Michele is a contestant on "Big Brother 11"

Michele is a contestant on "Big Brother 11"

Tonight is the “Big Brother” 100% LIVE LIVE LIVE show, so tune in here for my LIVE LIVE LIVE blog. I’ll be here to keep you informed on the Power of Veto, eviction and new Head of Household competition. It looks to be an endurance competition, so I’ll also be here all night to keep you informed on that. See you guys in about 90 minutes!

Follow all the live feeds drama for yourself

Here we are, guys. I happen to think that one of the best shows of the season is when they do a whole week’s worth of stuff in an hour, it’s really fun. I’ll be here all night until we know who the next HOH is, so check back for updates!

Julie Chen is the cutest pregnant lady ever, no? It’s not the polka dot dress from last week, but her green ensemble is an awesome color on her.

The Big Lie Montage
Kevin, Natalie and Lydia convince Jeff and Jordan that Russell and Michele have a final two deal, which as I have said, is not even that big of a deal. However, it certainly plants a seed in the collective mind of J&J to get rid of Russell this week. Le sigh. Can’t they count to 4? Getting rid of Russell is the stupidest thing they could do this week.

Julie check in with the house guests and Kevin makes a “Hiro-chima” joke and I am SO MAD I didn’t get to that joke first. Kevin rocks my socks. Julie then says hi to “Captain Unitard,” (aka Lydia). Well, if you drop the “uni” part of that…

Oh, we also touched on Lydia having sex with Jessie but that really grosses me out so I’m pretending we didn’t have to watch that.

Natalie’s Phone Call Home
She talks to her dad and she cries. It never fails… every single stupid reality show, when they get to see or talk to their loved ones, I get teary-eyed. Awwww.

Power of Veto
Here’s what we’ve all been waiting for. It totally sucks that Russell doesn’t get to play. The game tonight is “Before or After,” so they must determine whether an event took place before or a second event. Wow, that could be confusing. The two nominees go out immediately and THEN KEVIN GOES OUT! C’mon Michele, c’mon! Man, Jordan and Michele are really battling it out.

The show finally runs out of time so they go to the tie-breaker. They have to get closest without going over, unless they both go over. The question is how many truffles were in the giant mud pit. The correct answer is 104 and Jordan wins with a guess of 60. Michele said 50.

Man, this is actually suspenseful because Jordan has been waffling back and forth for TWO DAYS about backdooring Russell and now she has her chance.

Interestingly, Jeff, Jordan and Kevin came scurrying back into the room after we came back fromĀ  commercials, so I am pleasantly surprised when Jordan DOESN’T use the Power of Veto. I thought for sure Russell was getting put on the block.

Time to vote. Lydia is evicted by Russell, Michele and Jeff, with Kevin casting the lone Natalie vote. Nice. I’m very excited Lydia is gone, she’s a nutjob. I get to interview her tomorrow, so please leave your questions for her in the comments.

HOH Competition
I’m SO surprised it’s not an endurance competition. They are dropping cans into tubes and the first person to 24 wins or if it gets to the end of the hour and no one has 24, it’s the person with the most. This is tricky, you have to line up the cans JUST RIGHT.

When we finally come back from commercial, we learn they have an HOUR to do it. I thought Julie said by the end of THE hour. So there is an HOH competition to keep up with on the live feeds.