Kevin is the out-going Head of Household for tonight’s live eviction show on “Big Brother” on CBS. His HOH pictures and blog have been posted on the CBS website. Kevin’s blog is delightful, he is so hilarious. He says Jordan and Michele have “Dumbbitch-itis.” Excellent. An excerpt after the jump, read the whole blog here. Pictures are here.

Hey-girl-heyyyyy! It’s the HHO (yes, HHO…Head Ho) coming at ya with a scandalicious blog. Let’s get to the dirty juicy gossipy stuff first. Firstly, it would seem there is a virus floating around the house called dumbbitch-itus. Jordan appears to be the one most severely infected, but Michelle surprisingly is showing signs and symptoms on dumbbitch-itus. Jordan is ACTUALLY campaigning to go home and give up her chances for $500K in exchange for Jeff staying? WHAT?! Lordy she is sick. And suddenly when Jeff is campaigning AGAINST her she gets more “attracted” to him. huh? If a dude I liked was campaigning for me to go home I’d promptly make my way into the kitchen, find the nearest sharp implement and slice away. Thennnnn Michelle actually entertained the idea of using her Veto on Jeff to guarantee Jeff to stay! WTF is going on in this house! Someone call a doctor cause we gotz a severe breakout of dumbbitch-itus!

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