Natalie from "Big Brother 11"

Natalie from "Big Brother 11"

I don’t like which way the wind is blowing in the “Big Brother” house. Jeff and Jordan have made a deal with Natalie the Rat, agreeing that she is safe this week and if she wins HOH she can’t nominate them next week. Oh Jeff and Jordan. What am I going to do with you?

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I get that Lydia is the target this week but they cannot be making deals like this. I firmly believe Michele will take J & J to the final three but that Natalie will not. Natalie will take Kevin because he’s weak in competitions and Russell because he’s hated in the Jury House and won’t win the money. She’d be stupid not to do that.

If Jordan and Jeff would just stick with Russell and Michele, they can almost assuredly coast to Final Four. Jordan can’t play HOH this week, so if they work at getting Russell out they only have Michele and Jeff playing in the HOH for them (because I think Natalie is not to be trusted).

Le sigh. Jeff and Jordan were playing such an excellent game, but now they are being paranoid fools. This is almost enough to make me root for a Michele-Russell Final Two.

The live Power of Veto is going to mean EVERYTHING this week. Check back here tomorrow night for another live blog.