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"Big Brother" house guest Russell

I’m not sure what precipitated the fight today in the “Big Brother” house, but one this is for sure: Russell is not going down without being a complete ass to everyone in the house. I mean, it would be one thing if he were fighting to stay in the house. I’m on-board with that. Don’t just roll over and die. But instead he’s just picking fights with people, which won’t win him any votes to stay (though it should because who better to be sitting next to in the finals than Russell?).

Earlier today he was almost coming to actual physical blows with Jeff and he told Jeff that the only person who laughs at his jokes is the fatty sitting next to him (in reference to Jordan). Now, is that really called for, Russell? I mean, how is that any better than being called a terrorist? Both are hurtful and mean-spirited.

He also keeps calling them all sheep for following Jeff, which is true of Michele and Jordan, but I don’t think Natalie or Kevin are sheep at all.

Thursday ought to be interesting. I’ll be interviewing Russell on Friday, so if you have any questions for him please leave them in the comments.

Follow all the drama on the live feeds for yourself