Kevin is the first out of the "Big Brother" HOH competition

Kevin is the first out of the "Big Brother" HOH competition

The feeds are back so we’ve got live updates on the “Big Brother” Head of Household competition. Kevin is already out, so that’s disappointing. Keep checking here to find out who wins tonight’s HOH.

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Ronnie was the second to drop and now Lydia is out. It sounds like someone is puking but I can’t tell who it is. Sounds like a girl, though. Natalie or Michele, maybe Chima?

Still just Kevin, Ronnie and Lydia out.  Competition has been going just about an hour and the feeds are on trivia for some reason.

Feeds are back and Natalie is out. Yay! I want her to be nominated this week so badly.

We’re down to Russell, Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Chima.

C’mon anybody but Russell! C’mon anybody but Russell!

Chima has puked but is still in the competition, which has been going just about 90 minutes (7:20 Big Brother Time). There is no indication what the first four people to drop have gotten out of the packages they got to open.

After joking that he would come down for a handjob and telling Kevin to grab the lotion, Jeff stays put. We also find out that Kevin won the $5,000. I hope that doesn’t make him a target.

Aww man, Jordan is out. That’s a bummer, I would’ve like to see her as HOH just because she’s been nominated two weeks in a row.

This competition looks tough. I puked on swings like these at the Butler County Fair when I was like 7 years old, so I think I would’ve been out early.

Okay, Chima just did the coolest thing. She slipped off her swing but hung on and managed to flip herself back up. That was clutch. It should be on Sports Center.

If Russell would just fall I could relax a little. I’d love to see a girl get HOH, I’m really hoping it’s Michele. The competition has been going just over 2 hours and the four left (Jeff, Russell, Michele and Chima) show no signs of falling.

Chima has fallen! Wow, that is a surprise. I thought she looked really steady. Now if only Russell would fall. However, he and Jeff look the steadiest. Michele is hurting. Go Michele and Jeff!

Chima fell pretty hard and was not moving. Russell and Ronnie screamed and someone went to get Jessie (what is he, a paramedic?). The feeds have shut off. Hope everything is okay.

The feeds are back, Chima appears to be okay. Jeff, Russell and Michele are still hanging tough.

Dammit! Michele is down. I’m so bummed, I wanted a girl to win. It’s down to Jeff and Russell. C’mon Jeff! Hang in there!

Competition hitting the three-hour mark (8:50 BBT). Russell must really want to win. He just peed himself instead of getting down off the swings to use the bathroom. Lovely.

Jordan’s envelope from when she dropped lets her pick the Have-Nots, so she’s drawing out of a hat. That’s a good Southern girl for ya. Ronnie also figured out the big game-changer is the Coup d’Etat.

The houseguests just got pizza delivered (mmmm, pizza) and Jeff and Russell are still holding on tight.

The boys are starting to deal. Russell has told Jeff that he voted for Casey (he did not) and that he’s not going anywhere. Don’t fall for it, Jeff! Stay strong! Jeff says he is also not going anywhere and they’ve also assured each other that the other one is safe if he drops. I wouldn’t trust it Russell as far as I could throw him (which isn’t very far because he’s a big dude).

Russell has told Jeff he wants HOH because he wants a letter from his father… who had neck surgery after Russell went into the house. Is this like Johnny effing Fairplay and the dead grandma thing? Don’t fall for it, Jeff!

At the 3 and 1/2 hours mark, the swinging diploma has been turned up to 11. I bet it knocks one of them off soon.

Russell is the new HOH. Bah. He agreed not to nominate Jeff or Jordan and Jeff dropped out of the competition.

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