Liver & Limes in the "Big Brother" house

Liver & Limes in the "Big Brother" house

The Have-Nots competition is over in the “Big Brother” house and now that they are down to 9 house guests, it looks like 4 people are Haves, 4 are Have-Nots (plus the HOH Chima is safe). The Have-Nots look to be Jeff, Russell, Lydia and Michele.

It also looks like Russell won $10,000, which is weird because he’s a Have-Not. I wonder how that works.

America voted this week and chose to give the Have-Note Liver and Limes. That’s the middling choice, in my opinion. I would’ve preferred Saltines & Sardines, but Liver & Limes isn’t terrible. limes are pretty useless, but liver can be really good. At least it’s not Eggplant & Egg nog.

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