Chitlins are pig intestines

Chitlins are pig intestines

There really aren’t Have-Nots in the “Big Brother” house this week, but America’s Vote once again has some excellent food choices for after the NEXT Have-Not competition. This week we have Cucumbers & Carp, Mince Meat & Marshmallows, and Churros & Chitlins. We gotta vote for Churros & Chitlins because that’s too funny. If it were me, I’d want cucumbers and carp, but since it’s not me… churros and chitlins it is!

For those of you who don’t know, chitlins (or “chitterlings”) are the intestines of a pig that have been prepared as food. They are rinsed several times before they are boiled or stewed for several hours. A common practice is to place a halved onion in the pot to mitigate what many regard as a pungent, unpleasant odor that can be particularly strong when the chitterlings begin to cook. Chitterlings sometimes are battered and fried after the stewing process and commonly are served with cider vinegar and hot sauce as condiments, accompanied with coleslaw, or greens, and cornbread.

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Also, from tonight’s “Big Brother”… “the man, the myth, the legend … Mr. Pectacular?” Gag me. Those three psychos are actually scaring me with how upset they are over Jessie. It’s like Lydia and Natalie are now BFF over their departed friend Jessie or something. He’s not DEAD, you crazy freaks.

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