Kevin bumped Ronnie in their "Big Brother" fight

Kevin bumped Ronnie in their "Big Brother" fight

Holy crap, guys. “Fights were bustin’ out all over, all over the ‘Big Brother’ house and the backyard. Fights’re bustin outta Kevin – and the rompin’ Russell got some water thrown on him.”

Last night Kevin and Ronnie got into it and once AGAIN Ronnie got called out for being a lying liar who lies. Kevin chest-bumped him and Ronnie the Pussy cried about being “assaulted.” Oh man, Ronnie needs to get punched in the face.

Then Russell and Chima got into a screaming match and it seems to be because he rejected her try at a showmance. She ended up throwing water on him. Oh dear. She also finds herself WAY funnier than she actually is.

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